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Xiaomi Mi 8 box packing & front panel Leaked!



mi 7 faceid clone

It seems Xiaomi might soon reveal their Anniversary Edition smartphone the Mi 8 or its moniker at Xiaomi’s Shenzhen event which will be held on May 31, according to reports. And in these days, there were several leaks surfing on the web regarding this.

However, interestingly another leak appeared online today showing a black-colored box package with apparently showing number 8 mentioned on it. Not only that another leak has also freshly revealed the front panel of the Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone.


Well, having a look at the above box packaging, one can be quite sure that Xiaomi is up to their preparation for launching their yet anticipated rumored device Mi 8. Now if we talk about the front panel which was leaked, then it is noticed that front panel placed inside a plastic cover clearly shows that Xiaomi Mi 8 is mentioned over it.

Besides that what’s more interesting here is that the leak also clearly shows a wide notch at the top identical to iPhone X that is most likely includes a structured light 3D module for 3D facial recognition (just like we reported this last day on a different leak). More to that the image also reveals that this time Xiaomi has gone with more narrow & slimmer bezel with their Mi 8 will be sporting a slight thicker chin to it.


Since it’s a leaked image of a box packaging and the front panel of the device so there is no further information available regarding its overall specifications. However, as it’s a flagship device of Xiaomi similar to Mi Mix 2S so, it is also expected to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. Apart from that, there are other speculated expectations such as the device might come with an OLED display along with an optical in-display fingerprint scanner under the hood.

It is to note here that this time Xiaomi is more contemplating with The Shenzhen event that will be accommodating around 5,000 people, as because they are considering it the most important product launch event for them this year. Hence, the company will be introducing multiple devices. Xiaomi is also expected to launch the Xiaomi Mi 7 and Mi Band 3 fitness tracker at the same event.

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