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Xiaomi Kicks Off “Mi Explorers 2018” Program, Redmi Note 5 Launch Imminent?



mi explorers 2018

Redmi Note 5 might just be one of the most awaited phone of the recent times! As a successor to Xiaomi’s most successful Redmi phone yet, the Redmi Note 4 has very big shoes to fill. Now, we’re seeing a new development from the Indonesian Mi Community. This year’s Mi Explorer 2018 program is up in Indonesia now, and we think this one is for the upcoming Redmi Note 5! Why? Read on.

What is Mi Explorers Program?

Xiaomi conducts Mi Explorers program annually to test out their devices, it’s like beta testing of the devices, but with a twist. Not everyone will be able to get their hands on the upcoming phone, but they select some people using contests & by giving out various tasks. Xiaomi will reward the selected users with the upcoming phone (exclusively) and they’ll be able to help with improving the phone with testing.

Now, the selected Mi fans will be given various missions to test the device to its limits. And they’ve to report it back, and Xiaomi will incorporate the feedback from these people to improve upon the upcoming device.

Why we think it’s for the Redmi Note 5?

Traditionally, Xiaomi has conducted this Explorers program form their Redmi Note line of phones, as you can see from these links:

That itself is a major clue that the upcoming phone they’re calling the Mi Explorers for is Redmi Note 5.

And the next major Redmi device obviously is the Redmi Note 5.

Now, we’re particularly not sure if this would be a new device at all, as we’ve seen news that Xiaomi might even launch the Redmi 5 Plus as the Redmi Note 5, that’s still a possibility as we’re yet to see a solid leak or news pointing towards an entirely new device. Also, if you carefully observe the phone in the poster, you could see the resemblance it has to existing Redmi 5 & Redmi 5 Plus.

That might be how the new Redmi Note 5 is supposed to look, as they usually follow the same design cues for their Redmi series of phones. We can expect more news about this once the Explorers are given the device!

A big shout out to Vineeth Chandran of Leakerbaba.com, an upcoming leaks blog for the tip!

He started this blog! He is a passionate blogger & a tech enthusiast. He started his journey in blogging in 2014, but has been forever an enthusiast in Tech. His whole life revolves around tech.

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