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A lot of work goes into publish each and every story that gets published in our blog. Here we introduce the members of the OnPhones team!



AbhijithHe started this blog! He is a passionate blogger & a tech enthusiast. He started his journey in blogging in 2014, but has been forever an enthusiast in Tech. His whole life revolves around tech. You can catch him on Facebook on various Tech & Android groups and some times on Twitter & Quora.


Abijith Sasikumar


An engineer with deep interests in the tech world. Abijiths love writing and designing and have it as a fulltime carrer. He likes to spend time at that cozy work place with the comforts of home with Pink Floyd or Beatles playing at the background. You can connect with him on Facebook & Instagram.


Devdatt N Pai


Obsessed with technology since a young age, Devdatt is an avid techie and an Android fan. He has a sweet tooth for Moto and Stock UI, and has used almost all Moto phones released yet. Moreover, Devdatt is the youngest member of Onphones. He simply loves sarcasm and dank memes. Gotta say, he’s the fun-maker in our team and keeps the situation lively. Connect with him on Facebook & Instagram.


Jayaditya Chakraborty


JayadityaAnother web addict who writes about smartphones and is passionate about PMPs, certified Apple hater. He often forgets to check messages and emails because he’s busy playing Counter Strike, watching TV Shows except GoT and 13 Reasons Why, can be lazier than Panda sometimes! You can catch him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.



Mrinmoy Choudhury


He is a graphical designer, blogger and a content writer. Likes to travel and is passionate about technology that can create an impact. He has written in many prestigious blogs and is currently studying Engineering. You can get in touch with him on Facebook.




Nayan Roy


A geek since his childhood, Nayan roy loves to know about technology and startups as well as loves to write about them. Also he loves to watch English comedy shows and spend time playing call of duty. You can connect with him on Facebook.



Rakesh Thottathil


RakeshHe is a data engineer who is also a content writer and blogger. Loves long rides on his pulsar, and to be in touch with latest gadgets and stuff. Even though an android lover, he fell in love with the old boxy iPhone design, and loves his iPhone 4. You can catch him on Facebook and Instagram.



Ritik Singh


RitikAn 18 Year Old College Student, who is highly passionate about gadgets and tech since childhood. He has good experience in reviewing gadgets and video production. Loves shooting random videos and is ardent about writing on Tech. Catch him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also go subscribe his awesome Youtube channel Gizmo Tech now!



Sangeet Devan


SangeethDreamer in the day, Writer at Night! Most of his time is spent in a time machine, moving from one era to other, experiencing new cultures. When he’s not dreaming, he’s busy writing code.




Shashank Gangari


ShashankHonestly, I’m just like you. I went to college. My academic background revolves around computer science and information technology. To honest, I was never that great at studies though! Started off my internet journey at the age of 16 and made my first penny within a month through website designing. Connect with him in Facebook & Instagram.


Subin B


SubinA tech enthusiastic engineer who is highly interested to keep in track with the latest trends and emerging technologies in the industry. He loves Android and has respect for the open source community. Type of a guy who understands dank stuff and puns. He doesn’t talk much. A polyglot, wanderer, seeker, avid observer. You can connect with him on Facebook & Instagram.


Vishal Saha


VishalHe’s Tech Inquisitive, Web crawler and spends most of time to get indulged in the world of cyberspace, often prefers to get updated with trending tech news and updates. Also likes to tweak around with apps and softwares, sketching is also a part of it. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.