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Sony Mobile to Pull out from India, Australia, Canada, South America, Mexico, Africa, and the Middle East!



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When it comes to innovations, Sony Mobile has been in the forefront of the news for quiet a long time. In fact, we must thank the Japanese technology giant for helping to shape several devices into what it is today. However, despite the success in technology, Sony Mobile has been falling back in one crucial region, Sales.

Despite having success in the mobile business a few years ago, Sony has fell back terribly in terms of sales recently. Now Sony corporation has decided to stop their mobile business in countries like India, Australia, Canada, South America, Mexico, Africa, and the Middle East.

The new move comes as a step to prevent further loss to the company in their mobile business. Sony will be concentrating their mobile business on Japan, Europe, Taiwan, and Hong Kong markets where they still have a name of their own. Recently, the Xperia mobile division of Sony corporation, which was a separate entity, has been collapsed into new division called Electronics Products and Solutions, alongside TV, audio, and camera product lines.

While they were the first to introduce several features when the android boom took place, the slow adoption of industry trends and the lack of innovations after the successful beginning made them to lose the majority of their market share. Precisely speaking, their market share was reduced to less than 1% by 2018, according to Counterpoint Research.

Sony has said that their aim is to cut operational costs by 50% through this strategic move and thereby concentrate on smaller markets. Through this move Sony is planning to drive it’s mobile division to profits by the first financial year of 2020. But it is unclear why Sony has decided to pull out of these countries, where Sony has made a reputation for their quality, instead of releasing new smartphones at better prices.

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