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Sony’s foldable Smartphone might be having Transparent Display, hints Patent




Sony recently ditched its boxy 16:9 design and switched to the 18:9 trend on its latest devices. It appears to take a leap in the design aspects as the patent filed by the brand hints at the change in design plans on its upcoming devices.

The patent reveals that Sony is working on achieving transparent display on its devices. The initial patent was filed with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) under ‘Display device and electronic apparatus’ in May 2018. According to the patent, there will be two displays on the device. The key attraction of these displays is the ability to be set as transparent. This might sound impossible for now, but as the tech industry is growing at a swift pace, we might be seeing devices with transparent displays by the end of 2019.

The patent describes a smartphone with two displays, one at the front and one at the rear. The first display includes a plurality of light emitting elements. The second display includes a plurality of light control elements, each performing light control for control of transmission or reflection of incident light. As a result, the patented Sony smartphone features a dual-sided transparent display.

said LetsGoDigital, who first spotted the patent. There will be three modes for the device namely Non-Emission State, Emission State, and Transparent State. There is yet another patent for two devices which are foldable, coupled with this bleeding-edge transparent display technology.Sonys-foldable-display

There are no actual working prototypes made public so far by the brand. In addition to this, in the current scenario, Sony is struggling in the smartphone industry and if this turns out to be a very practical one, it would be the comeback of the good old Sony and its legacy of devices. Stay tuned for further details which might get leaked or teased in the upcoming days.

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