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Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone Listed On TENAA



Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was a hit or miss kinda smartphone, but it was a miss as it didn’t really meet the expectations of users at all. Problems with the protective cover and all slowed down the hype to almost a situation where we could just believe that the phone doesn’t even exist. But Samsung was already working on the next foldable smartphone and many reports were coming out regarding that. Now it looks like Samsung is bringing the next foldable phone- Samsung Galaxy W20 5G.

As the name itself implies to 5G, we are quite sure that the phone won’t be cheap at all, considering that it’s a foldable phone and it has got 5G. China Mobile, the world’s 4th largest carrier in terms of subscriber base has teased the phone. On a Weibo post, the company teased the Samsung Galaxy W20 5G.

The photo has texts that confirm the claim and we can see a foldable phone as well, partially open. It may be the successor to W2019, which was a flip phone which was launched at the same time a year back. However, the Samsung Galaxy W20 5G won’t have a physical keypad, instead, there will be a folding display similar to the Galaxy Fold. It is not still very clear whether the device folds horizontally or vertically, like the upcoming Moto Razr.

From the teaser, we can guess that the display is within the inner fold as the light is emerging from the inside. The Weibo post confirmed the launch of Galaxy W20 5G in November itself, which means that right now, Motorola and Samsung will go head to head in terms of foldable phones. Though, at this moment, the hype for the Moto Razr seems to be quite a bit high due to the nostalgic attraction towards its predecessor and due to the similar design. The Moto Razr interesting will have a display on the outer side and a tall display inside. As of now, it’s confirmed that the phone will be available in China via China Telecom, but Samsung hasn’t made any official statements regarding the W20 5G or its availability in other markets yet.

However, as usual, for such an innovative phone, leaks are already pointing towards the specs of Samsung Galaxy W20 5G. As someone spotted the phone on TENAA, we have got a few details and a few photos of the phone. As per the TENAA listing, the Galaxy W20 5G will sport a 4.6-inch display and will pack a big 4,135mAh battery. Also, we have got our hands on a few photos of the device.

From these images, it is quite evident that the phone will be similar to the Galaxy Fold in terms of how the display functions. We can see a quite noticeable camera bump and buttons at the edges. However, crucial details regarding the display are not available yet.

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