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Samsung Unveils it’s Foldable Display Phone



Samsung has finally did it! After teasing it for so long, they’ve finally unveiled their foldable display smartphone. But, it’s not exactly what we expected it to be.

Take a look at the phone that was unveiled yesterday:


Yes, there are two displays on this phone. The 7.3 inch 1536x2152px AMOLED display, that could be folded inwards, and a 4.6 inch 840x1950px AMOLED display, which turns on when the phone is in folded position.

The phone does look bulky, that’s because the phone is concealed using a case, so as to not reveal the phone’s design. The phone obviously won’t all that bulky looking when it is launching officially for the market.

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As you can see, the phone is just like any other normal phone, but with chunkier bezels. When unfolded, it becomes a tablet style display, which you can use like a normal tablet.

Up to 3 apps will be able to run simultaneously on the big screen, and Samsung calls it multi active window.

Google now officially supports foldable devices, and is revealed to be working closely with Samsung for bringing foldable display smartphones to the market.

No much info about the phone was unveiled in the launch event, but we can be sure that when it will be launching, it’ll be coming with the latest chipsets and highest specifications from Samsung or Qualcomm (depending on the region).

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