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Samsung Posts Record Profits in Q4 2017, ahead of Galaxy S9 Launch




There are many internal issues which Samsung has been facing since the last few months, it has also replaced its current CEO to overcome the internal crisis. But the good thing is that all these issues didn’t have any impact on the growth and performance of the company.

Samsung which is a South Korean manufacturer, has recently posted their Q4 2017 results out to the public. As per these reports, Samsung had made an overall revenue of $61.5 billion and an operating profit of $14.13 billion which is massive! As of now, Samsung’s most profitable stage stands out to be the Q4.

Samsung has already been breaking many records all throughout 2017, In the Q1 of 2017, the company has made profits of $8.8 billion, followed by $12.5 billion in Q2, and $13.8 billion in Q3. All in all, the full year revenue of Samsung stands out to be $224 billion and whereas the overall operating profits stand to be $50 billion.

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Though the overall shipments for the low-end devices have declined, sales of The Galaxy Note 8 have been boosted when compared to the last quarter. Talking about the device other than the smartphones, Samsung has also increased their revenue in the Television business and has made some good sales with the ultra large and the QLED models. The display division has made $1.3 billion operating profit, whereas the memory chip business has made a whopping $10 billion profits.

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