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Samsung to merge Galaxy J series into A series, rebrand On series to M series




Samsung is reportedly planning to reorganise its entire line-up of entry level to upper mid-range line-up according to a new report. Previously we heard that the South Korean manufacturer will be merging the Galaxy S series and the Note series.

The new reports which come from industry sources claims that the lower midrange Galaxy J series will be discontinued and merged into the more premium Galaxy A series. This move of scrapping the Galaxy J series and moving into the Galaxy A series line-up can be cited to the heavy competition from the Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, Honor, Vivo, OPPO, etc that dominates the entry level and mid-range segments.

Additionally, the company will be changing its online only Galaxy On brand to a new Galaxy M series. However it is expected as the Galaxy On smartphones are just rebranded Galaxy J devices. So it is still unknown what Samsung has to offer in its Galaxy M series.

This could also be possible that Samsung bring the entry level and lower-midrangers under the Galaxy M brand while the upper midrangers will be merged into the Galaxy A line-up. There will be less naming disparencies and hence less confusion. The company is also rumoured to be working on Galaxy J4 Prime and Galaxy J6 Prime which is now likely to be launched under a different brand.

Considering all above information as genuine, Samsung will left only with Galaxy S series, Galaxy A series and Galaxy M series which looks more systematic and organised.

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