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Various Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ Cases Listed Online



Samsung Galaxy S9 S9+ Leaked Cases

Samsung has always been one of the best smartphone manufacturers who covered all range of smartphones. The Galaxy S series has always been favorite for the Korean manufacturer. The latest release of the S series, the Samsung Galaxy S8 + has been getting a lot of positive reviews from around the world. Now as the new year is here all the eyes of Samsung lovers are to the announcement of the latest devices in the S series, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

Many reports suggest that an official announcement from Samsung about the Galaxy S9 and S9 plus will be made at the MWC 2018. There has been no official announcement from the side of Samsung, so the date could change. Although there have been no signs of official announcement about the details of the new flagship device from the Korean manufacturer, unofficial sources have already started to rumor a lot about it. After all the rumored and leaked specifications and features, the latest leak suggests the design S9 and S9+. The leaked cases of S9 and S9+ suggest a lot about the design both the devices are going to get.

Take a look at the cases we found on a wholesale website:

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Armored Case

Samsung Galaxy S9 Bumper Case

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Rugged Case with Card Holder

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rugged Case with Card Holder

Samsung Galaxy S9 Dot Case

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Silicone Case

We were searching for the authenticity of a previous Galaxy S9 & S9+ leak, and stumbled upon this. These cases come courtesy of a wholesale website named, and you can find the cases links given in the sources cited below.

From these current leaks, it seems like the Korean manufacturer doesn’t seem to have a plan for changing the overall design from their current flagships. But some other minor changes can be seen on the device based on the leaked cases. A dual camera setup can be seen on the new flagships, which will make it the first among the S lineup to get a dual camera. It is to be noted that only the Plus variant comes with a dual camera setup (Samsung trying what Apple is doing?????). The fingerprint sensor also seems to be changing its position on the device. The fingerprint sensors are seen relocated to the below of the camera sensors on the device.

It is important to note that no official confirmation from Samsung is seen on these leaks. In some cases, rumours which came before on high-end smartphones have come true and some have gone wrong. But in case of cases, most leaks have been ended up to be true. Anyway, an official announcement is the only thing that can give a perfect answer to our curiosity. Till then stay tuned to us for more news. If you have any query or feedback please leave a comment below.

NOTE: These leaks are to be taken with a pinch of salt, as these aren’t official confirmations from the manufacturer. These may or may not be correct representation of the device.

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