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Samsung Confirms that they will launch Foldable OLED Smartphones in 2018




Samsung has recently posted its Q4 reports of 2017, and in an announcement, it has also confirmed that Samsung will be launching Foldable OLED Smartphone very soon. The flagship device, the Galaxy S9 will be getting more attention and Samsung is planning to expand 64-layer V-NAND technology and AI/ IoT capabilities. Samsung is very clear when it comes to set their goals and reach the targets, foldable OLED smartphones will be the real thing in 2018.

We’ve seen their patents for foldable phones many times, before that. They even demoed some of the models privately in CES 2018.

samsung foldable smartphone

Samsung Foldable phone concept

Samsung is not limiting themselves to smartphones, with the help of these foldable OLED panels Samsung is also planning to make a grand entry into the automotive electronic industry. Samsung’s has mainly focused on two different things, Bixby virtual assistant and also on the upcoming 5G technology. The consumer electronics division of Samsung is also planning to launch Micro LED and also 8K TV’s into the market.

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Samsung had this to say in press release:

“Looking at the mid to long-term, Samsung expects the components business to see demand expand from new applications. For the set business, the company expects to enjoy increased opportunities mainly related to software, connected devices, and services based on AI/IoT platforms.”

In the Q1 2018 Samsung is mainly focusing on its flagship device which is the Galaxy S9, so we can expect the foldable OLED smartphones to be launched in Q3. 2018 is going to be an exciting year in terms of technology, because of not only Samsung but there are also many other manufacturers who are going to launch the foldable OELD smartphone. It would be really exciting to see which smartphone manufacturer will be capturing the marketing this year!


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