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Best Custom ROMs for Realme X2!



Best Custom ROMs for Realme X2

Realme made its entry into smartphones in the year 2018 with its Realme 1. Initially, their devices weren’t developer-friendly, because of the various issues. Now, certain smartphones of the brand have good developer support. We will be looking at the best custom ROM for the Realme X2.

Realme X2 was the mid-range smartphone launched by the brand in December 2019. It came with awesome specifications like Snapdragon 730G, S.Amoled display, quad cameras, and 4000mAh battery 30W VOOC charging capability. Interestingly, within six months of the launch, the device has almost 25+ custom ROMs available at the moment. It is good for a new OEM like Realme!

Codenames of the phone:

  • EU Variant: RMX1993
  • IN Variant: RMX1992
  • CN Variant: RMX1991

Best custom ROMS available for Realme X2

Pixel Experience Plus

Pixel Experience Plus


From the name, you can understand that this is the port of Pixel ROMs. By using this ROM, you will get a full-fledged experience of using a Google Pixel smartphone. A lot of smartphone users who don’t love huge customization are using the Pixel Experience ROM.

And the latest Pixel Experience+ for Realme X2 is built on Custom vendor. So that, you don’t need to rollback to Color OS while flashing. The build can be used as a daily driver, as the latest build doesn’t have any major bugs. NFC is the only bug present, and it will be fixed in the next update.

  • Android Version 10.0
  • Is it stable Yes
  • Can it be used as a daily driver? Yes

Evolution X

evolution x

It is also known as EvoX and is a feature-rich custom rom based on Pixel Experience. So, for those who need customization on their smartphone can try this ROM. The latest update of the ROM was built on July 9. This ROM is also built on the RUI vendor. Interestingly EvoX is official for the Realme X2. Unfortunately, with some issues existing between developer and ROM team, so developer has dropped EvoX.

  • Android Version 10.0
  • Is it stable Yes
  • Can it be used as a daily driver? Yes

Lineage OS

lineage os

It is the most stable ROM for every smartphone. Like others, LOS is also one of the stable ROM for Realme X2. The latest build which was posted on July 7 is a bugless ROM for the device.

  • Android Version 10.0
  • Is it stable Yes
  • Can it be used as a daily driver? Yes

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android

It is one of the oldest custom ROM available today. Interestingly, the developer of the device has changed, so the vendor is changed to RUI. Earlier, the ROM was built on the old Color OS vendor. Paranoid is a simple ROM which has a ton of features. It is a close alternative for people who prefer Pixel Experience.



When it comes to customization, Derpfest is one of the best ROM for that. It comes with a ton of features. The latest update is based on the RUI vendor. It also gets a custom kernel support by Kuran.

Other ROMs

How to flash Custom or RUI vendor ROM’s in Realme X2


  • TWRP
  • Gapps (open apps – pico)
  • Magisk 20.3
  • USB Debugging enabled
[ Move all these files to your device storage]

Meanwhile, you should have ADB and Fastboot (platform-tools) installed!

  • Start in-depth testing on the In-depth tool app. Apply for testing and it will start the process. Then it will boot to Fastboot mode.
  • In command prompt check the device is connected with Fastboot devices
  • Then run the command “fastboot flashing unlock”
  • Then a pop-up will appear in your device and select yes on your phone screen.
  • It will reboot, you’ll have to finish the setup on Realme UI and then enable USB debugging in developer settings again.

Congrats, you have successfully unlocked the bootloader. You should flash TWRP in order to install custom ROMs

  • Type “adb reboot bootloader”
  • It will boot to Fastboot mode, type “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img”
[Make sure that the .image file is renamed to twrp.img and it has been placed in the platform-tools folder)

  • You have now flashed TWRP. It’s time to flash the custom ROM by wiping Realme UI.
[Android 10 (Q) vendor ROMs all have built-in Vbmeta recently. If you’re flashing something else (Android 9 vendor ROMs), make sure you flash Vbmeta after flashing recovery. Else, TWRP will disappear after installing custom ROM.  You can find vbmeta by typing #vbmeta note in @realmeX2Official.

In order to access TWRP for flashing ROM, switch to the Fastboot mode first. From here,  use your power keys to scroll to recovery mode, and then use the power button to select, and it will boot to TWRP.

After booting into TWRP,

  • Go to Wipe >Advanced >and select data, system, cache, and Dalvik cache. DO wipe all these things.
  • Now press back (till you’re at the home screen on the TWRP) and after this select Install and Click “”
  • Now you can either swipe to flash or click ‘add more zips’ and select package.

After the GAPPS has been flashed


  • Go to Wipe then type Format data and Type ‘yes.’
  • Now press back again and go to wipe again.
  • Go to Wipe>Advanced> select cache and Dalvik cache.
  • After wiping, Press reboot.

You have now finished flashing the ROM and GAPPS.

  • After the ROM boots up, then Power off and go back to TWRP.

(power+ volume or from the fast boot and then recovery)

  • Then click Install and select Magisk 20.3.
  • Finally, Reboot

Few cases:

Moving from Custom vendor ROM to Prebuilt(stock) vendor ROM

  • Wipe system Dalvik, cache, data, and vendor
  • Flash RUI.ozip
  • Wipe system, Dalvik, cache, and data.
  • Flash Prebuilt vendor ROM
  • Format data
  • Reboot

Moving from Custom vendor ROM -> RUI

  • Wipe system, Dalvik, cache, data, vendor.
  • Flash RUI.ozip
  • Reboot recovery and Format Data
  • Reboot to system

How to flash Custom ROM’s based on Color OS vendor

Please do note that, should be on the prescribed version of Color OS

  • For 1991 A16
  • For 1992 A18
  • For 1993 A18


  • Unlocked Bootloader
  • Custom Recovery(TWRP official, OFRP)
  • Download ROM and Gapps (If required)
  • If coming from custom rom wipe Dalvik, cache, system, data (DON’T WIPE VENDOR)
  • If coming from cos wipe Dalvik, cache, system, data, internal storage(DON’T WIPE VENDOR)
  • Flash ROM + Magisk (optional)
  • Reboot and wait for 5-10 minutes

That’s it, you have successfully installed custom ROM and Gapps in your smartphone. You can enjoy the same.

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