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Realme starts Recruiting Beta testers for “Project X”, Is it Realme OS?



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Realme started in the Indian market as a sub-brand of Oppo, and later split from OPPO. However all the brands are under BBK electronics, and Realme continued using ColorOS in their smartphones. A few months ago we reported that Realme will start using their own OS on their smartphones.

Realme had filed a trademark application for “RealmeOS” in the United Kingdom earlier this year. And now the Madhav Sheth has officially tweeted that they’re recruiting beta testers for Project X. Earlier, Sheth said that their os will be close to Stock Android & we expect to be a similar one.

The company used the term “Mysterious Project X” for describing their new OS. As Project X alone can’t give a thrill to their fans who will be testing the same. However, Project testing is only limited to Realme 3 Pro users only. There are a lot of criteria for becoming a beta tester of the device. Apparently, Realme has disappointed their fans, who bought Realme X recently. The company has said, that the “Project X” is only for Realme 3 Pro.

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The fans will also have to sign a non-disclosure (NDA) agreement so that development about the project does not leak online. Do note that, violating the agreement will lead to punishments under IPC or whichever law it is subjected to. Also, the fans, who are gonna test the mysterious Project X, would need some experience in testing and debugging. It had been a lot since we hear about Realme OS, it’s the first time the brand is officially sharing information regarding this.

Let’s look at a fact of the brand. Realme, which did not even exist in the first quarter of 2018, managed to grab the number four in the Indian market within just 3 quarters. It currently holds a 7 percent market share in the country. If you add up all the BBK-owned brands such as Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus as a single brand, it beats Xiaomi and Samsung with a large 30 percent share of the Indian smartphone market.

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