List of Best Custom ROMs for POCO X2!
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Best Custom ROMs for POCO X2!



Best Custom ROMs for POCO X2

POCO, which has spun off into it’s own brand from Xiaomi, has released their new mid-range device, Poco X2, a re-branded Redmi K30. Their debut device Poco F1 has one of the best developer support till date with the help of their device seeding program. And the Poco X2 is also following the same path of it’s predecessor.

In this post, we are going to list all the best Custom ROMs for Poco X2.

We also mention the usability of the ROMs in this list, if they can be used as a daily driver or not and if the ROM is stable or not.

Codenames of the phone:

  • Poco X2 : phoenixin
  • Redmi K30 : phoenix

Best Custom ROMs for Xiaomi Poco X2



AOSiP is based purely on AOSP, twisted with features all over from Android community.

AOSiP for Poco X2 is officially maintained now, which is quite stable and optimized. It is currently one of the best ROM out there for the device and offers good battery backup.

Android Version 10.0
ROM Kernel Version
Linux 4.x
Is it stable Yes
Can it be used as a daily driver? Yes




CrDroid is a LOS(Lineage OS) based ROM, which offers a good amount of customisations.

CrDroid has one of the best optimized source currently, which helps in stability and optimization of the ROM. It is also an officially maintained ROM for the device. It also has regular updates.

PS: Currently this ROM needs custom vendor. So if you want to flash another ROM while you are on this one, you may need to flash stock MiUI first and then only a different ROM of your choice.

Android Version 10.0
ROM Kernel Version
Linux 4.x
Is it stable Yes
Can it be used as a daily driver? Yes




BlissROM is an AOSP based ROM with quite amount of customisations under the hood.

It is quite stable now and can be used as daily driver.

Android Version 10.0
ROM Kernel Version
Linux 4.x
Is it stable Yes
Can it be used as a daily driver? Yes


Havoc OS


Havoc OS is an AOSP based ROM inspired by Google Pixel. It packs tons of customization and has many features from all over the android community while making no compromise in stability.

Android Version 10.0
ROM Kernel Version
Linux 4.x
Is it stable Yes
Can it be used as a daily driver? Yes


Pixel Experience

As the name suggests, it gives you the “Pixel” like experience for other devices. This ROM is just as how it is on Google Pixel devices. It has no customization whatsoever than Pixel devices already has, and is very stable.

Android Version 10.0
ROM Kernel Version
Linux 4.x
Is it stable Yes
Can it be used as a daily driver? Yes


MIUI Based ROMs for Poco X2

Apart from the AOSP ROMs, Poco X2 also has some good MIUI based ROMs. We’re listing the best MIUI based ROMs for the device here.

Xiaomi.EU ROM


Xiaomi.EU ROM is basically a de-bloated MIUI ROM. It is more stable and comes without the bloatwares from stock MIUI ROM.

If you love the MIUI, the Xiaomi.EU is the best one for you.

Android Version 10.0
ROM Kernel Version
Linux 4.x
Is it stable Yes
Can it be used as a daily driver? Yes




MIUIMix is based on the Xiaomi.EU ROM, and packs quite good amount of customization. It is mostly stable and has weekly updates.

Android Version 10.0
ROM Kernel Version
Linux 4.x
Is it stable Yes
Can it be used as a daily driver? Yes


List of All Custom ROMs for Poco X2

  1. AOSiP
  2. CrDroid
  3. BlissROMs
  4. Havoc OS
  5. Pixel Experience
  6. Xiaomi.EU
  7. MIUIMix

How to flash a Custom ROM in your Poco X2?

You must be knowing what is a custom ROM and how to flash a ROM into your device. Although, for the ones who don’t know how to flash a ROM and what are the prerequisites, here we go.

To flash a ROM into your device, you need to unlock the bootloader of the device and flash a custom recovery. For a custom recovery, the most popular and the recommended one is TWRP, though there are many other custom recoveries available for the device.

By unlocking the bootloader, your Poco X2 will be wiped completely. So it is recommended to take a full backup of your device before doing so.

Now as the first step, you need to unlock the device. Follow this step by step procedure to do so.

Step 1 : Unlock the bootloader of your Poco X2

  1. Primarily you have to enable the “USB debugging” and “OEM unlocking” from the developer settings.
  2. Now to unlock the bootloader, you have to bind your Mi account to your phone. Make sure you have a Mi account. If not, you can easily create one from the official page.
  3. Go to Developer settings > Mi unlock status and click on Add account and device and log in to your Mi account
  4. Now with the Mi account being bound to your Poco X2, we can start to unlock the bootloader.
  5. Power off your Poco X2 completely, and boot into fastboot mode by pressing the power button and volume down button simultaneously.
  6. Download the Mi Unlock Tool archive and extract the zip into anywhere in your PC/Laptop.
  7. Open miflash_unlock.exe’ from the extracted folder and sign into your Mi Account.
  8. Now the tool will check the eligibility of your device for unlocking, and if your Poco X2 is eligible, the tool will display “Phone Connected”.
  9. Now click on ‘Unlock’ and you’ll be prompted with a confirmation message. And you need to click on “Unlock Anyway”. (If the process fails and show “Try again after xxx hours”, just wait for the specified amount of time and repeat the process from Step 5. )
  10. The unlocking process will start immediately, and once the process is completed you’ll see “Unlocked Successfully” message.
  11. On clicking “Reboot phone” ,the device will reboot successfully and you’ll see the “Unlocked”  message confirming the unlocked bootloader of your Poco X2.

Step 2 : Flash TWRP via fastboot

Poco X2 doesn’t have official TWRP right at the moment because of the issues related to Android 10, refer this post by TWRP team for more explanations.

  1. Download ADB setup from here, and extract it to a folder. Open the adb-setup-1.4.3.exe and connect your Poco X2, and install the drivers.
  2. Download Platform Tools from here and extract it into PC, or use the minimal adb and fastboot tool.
  3. Download the TWRP file, and paste it into the platform tools/minimal adb folder, and rename the twrp file into twrp.img.
  4. From the platform tools/minimal adb folder open the command prompt window either by pressing shift+right mouse click or by using the location bar.
  5. In the command prompt window, type fastboot devices and press enter.
  6. Now you’ll see your device listed in the command prompt window. Now type fastboot flash recovery twrp.img and press enter  to install custom recovery for your Poco X2.
  7. Now type fastboot boot twrp.img and press enter to boot into TWRP.
  8. Wait for 10-20 seconds for the device to boot into TWRP, and if the device isn’t booting press and hold the power button and volume up key simultaneously. On the right side, there will be a toggle, select the second option for English.
  9. If you are on stock MIUI, make sure to root your device by flashing Magisk to make your TWRP permanent.

Step 3 : Flash the ROM in your Poco X2

NOTE : The steps provided for flashing ROM are basic for any Custom ROM on android devices. Some ROMs require additional files and their own ways for installation. So kindly check the XDAdevelopers page or the telegram group/channel of the respective ROM.

  1. Download ROM and GApps (if required)
  2. Boot into TWRP.
  3. Go to Wipe tab and wipe Dalvik,Cache,System and Data.
  4. Flash ROM, then GApps if required.
  5. If you also want to root your device, flash Magisk.
  6. Reboot.

There you go! That was the complete list of all the best custom ROMs for POCO X2, and the guide on how to install these custom ROMs on your POCO X2. Hope you liked our list, and if we missed any ROMs in this list, please comment down below, we will surely add it to the list. Alternatively, if you’re interested in the best custom ROMs for Redmi K20 Pro, go here!

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