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Over 5 Million Android Phones Infected by Pre-Installed RottenSys Malware!



The good people over at Checkpoint Research has found that over 5 million Android devices is currently infected by RottenSys malware. This malware was basically disguised as WiFi services and eventually, this has helped a lot of attackers earn some handsome revenue by implementing forceful ads. The company has recently confirmed that this malware attack has been started back then in September 2016. Moreover, it has also revealed that top brands like Honor, Xiaomi has also been infected with this malware.

If you want the official numbers, by March 2018 a total of 4,964,460 devices have been affected. The researchers have found a service called as WiFi service on the Xiaomi devices, this was basically asking permissions for much sensitive stuff such as silent download, access to the calendar, accessibility services and a lot more. This malware is basically an adware sort of thing which has been created by the developers who want to generate some handsome revenue by showing ads on your mobile.

Here are the most targeted brands:

These ads are so aggressive that they show you ads on the home screen, pop-up ads, and also the full-screen ads. Now as we all know, both Xiaomi and Honor had a decent number of sales in India, not just that, both the Redmi 4 and Redmi Note 4 were the highest selling devices in 2017.

Most of the complaints were received from the Indian users that they have been seeing suspicious things on their Android phone. These malware are really dangerous because, the hacker has got access to your personal device, so no wonder even if they are going to steal your information.

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