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Oppo Filed For Patents iPhone X Style Notched Full Screen Design for Phones



Full-screen design smartphones are something that every smartphone company is now following nowadays. The first phone that we had seen with the full-screen display was the Xiaomi Mi Mix. The Mi Mix had almost a bezel-less design however on the bottom side of the smartphone there was a thin bezel. But after the launch of Apple iPhone X, full-screen displays with a notch are the big thing.

Also, there are a few reports that suggest that the upcoming smartphones from Huawei would sport full-screen design. Even it is said that the Huawei smartphones will sport Apple iPhone like the design. Even another smartphone maker Xiaomi is also expected to adopt the same design for its upcoming Mi MIX 2S.

So it is pretty much expected that sooner or later the other top smartphone makers (Huawei & Asus being the prominent runners for the race now) will join the iPhone X style full-screen display league. However, as of now, OPPO has joined the league.

According to a report by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO, also known as the Chinese Patent office), Oppo has recently filed a few patents. Some of the patents are indicating that Oppo to launch full-screen display smartphones. In fact, Oppo had applied for full-screen patents back on January 9, 2017. So we can say that Oppo has been trying their best to come with full-screen displays since last year but they could not make it before Apple.

Take a look at all the designs that Oppo has applied for patents below:

If we look at the patents by Oppo we can see that there are quite a few top-notch designs that similar to the Apple iPhone X. One of the design has a semicircle shape, the other one has an inverted triangle. The next patent displays a semi-square notch and the last one has a semi-arc notch on the top.

However, the patents of Oppo does not infringe any of the Apple’s patents. As not a single patents match with the iPhone X design. However, the third variant which is the semi-square does come close to the iPhone X. But iPhone X has a longer notch, so Oppo is on the safer side.


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