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OnePlus launches the Sandstone Edition OnePlus 5T



OnePlus 5T sandstone

As we all anticipated and according to the previous reports, OnePlus has launched the Sandstone finish edition of the OnePlus 5T. And it will be available only in 8GB/128GB version and it’ll be available from January 9th from Amazon.

The OnePlus 5T Sandstone edition looks largely like the recently launched star wars edition, without the special goodies and extra wallpapers.

OnePlus claims that the time takes to finish the sandstone color and finish takes almost 75 minutes. And it is said to be the most expensive to produce phone from them. Anyways, with all the changes and everything, the price of the phone remains the same as that of the black 5T.

Also one thing to note is that this is the first time OnePlus has applied the sandstone finish to a metal device.

Now, the white finish isn’t the only change with the phone, there’s a new color to the alert slider. The alert slider is painted in red now. And with all of this changes, we can’t help but notice the phone does remind us of Google Pixel 2 XL’s “Panda Edition” (as MKBHD like to call it).

OnsPlus also states that the model will be on sale till the supplies last. And we don’t know till when it’ll be.

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