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OnePlus 5G phone will be a New Series, not OnePlus 7



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OnePlus CEO Pete Lau recently announced that the company will be releasing its 5G ready smartphones next year and everyone assumed it to be the successor of the OnePlus 6T, the OnePlus 7. However the Chinese manufacturer has clarified that the OnePlus 7 is not the 5G phone which means OnePlus will be introducing a new smartphone in early 2019.

The OnePlus spokesperson told CNET that OnePlus 7 will not feature the next-generation 5G technology to keep the cost under control. It will directly compete with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10, which is said to be the first 5G enabled device from the company. There is no mention of the specs, device or even the name of the smartphone.

Meanwhile Lau has confirmed the launch timeline for the flagship OnePlus 7, which according to him will launch in the first half of 2019. It is not clear yet when the company will be releasing its 5G smartphone. Some speculate that OnePlus will showcase it in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 event next year.

The confirmation OnePlus 7T not supporting 5G technology  means that OnePlus will be releasing a new series of smartphone which is likely to be expensive than the current flagship smartphones of the company. It looks like 5G technology will be a new trend of 2019 and we can’t wait to see what it has to offer.


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