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Nubia Alpha reportedly going on sale in China from April 8



The hype for foldable smartphones is increasing and becoming more mainstream day by day. With more manufacturers trying their best at implementing foldable smartphones, it appears like Chinese smartphone maker Nubia has come up with a futuristic solution.

The device is named Nubia Alpha. It is basically a hybrid between a smartphone and a smartwatch. The device got teased earlier in MWC 2019. While it was expected not to surpass the concept stage, the brand had announced that it will be available for the public to buy from April back in February.

Today, the brand has made the device available for pre-orders. It will be available from the 8th of April.  The ZTE sub-brand had teased earlier that this wearable smartphone will launch in China, the US, and Europe at the same time but there is no reliable information regarding this so far. Moreover, it appears like it will be available on April 8 only in China.

The Nubia Alpha inherits all the essential features of a smartphone but behaves like a smartwatch. Coming to the specifications, it comes with a small 4-inch OLED screen with 960×192 pixel resolution. There is 1 GB of RAM in the device which is coupled with 8 GB of internal storage.

It draws juice from a tiny 500mAh battery which should last around 2 days on standby. In terms of optics, there is a 5 MP front camera sensor. The camera shoots average images. In terms of software, it comes with Nubia’s own operating system which is designed more like a wearable OS. Check this video out for live action of the Nubia Alpha.

eSIM support is there on the device which will enable the cellular connectivity on the handset. In addition to the eSIM variant, there is also a Bluetooth variant of the device. We’ll update when we get more details regarding the Nubia Alpha. Till then, stay tuned for updates.


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