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Nokia X revealed right before launch, shows off it’s iPhone X-style notch



nokia x6

With HMD Global having an advantage over other brands with the nostalgia label, we’re seeing Nokia grow day by day. They have a wide portfolio right now, the current flagship being Nokia 8 Sirocco. We knew that Nokia was keeping another flagship under wraps. It seems now that the upcoming flagship is also revealed.

Nokia set up a massive shipping container in China so that everyone can have a look of the all-new Nokia X. Of course, this can be seen as a very good advertising tactic, but mind you, this is before the phone’s official launch! Now that we’ve got the pictures, let’s take a look at the phone.

Oh well. Now that Asus has copied the notch on ‘FruitPhone X’, Nokia has decided to get one for it too. It has managed to place a notch right up on the front, perhaps to ‘increase display size’ like OnePlus did.

You can see the front earpiece and front camera in its full glory. There are the sensors and stuff up there too, only that you can’t see it in its glory. Now it’s time to move to the important part- the rear. Let’s take a look at the rear of the Nokia X.

Okay, this was expected. The rear side houses a dual camera setup, aided by a flash as big as the camera itself, which serves as a rather big torch. But what is missing is the Zeiss logo. It’s no where to be seen. Furthermore, the rear has a fingerprint sensor, which is nice. It might also mean there’s no in-display sensor.

The back looks like it’s made of glass. So the phone might be capable of Wireless charging. It might be just fitted for style too.

HMD Nokia is all-set to launch it’s new phone, and damn, are we excited !. Well, we’ll report soon about Nokia’s next moves, so be sure to subscribe to our notifications!

NOTE: This is just a rumour and it’s not an official invite (as of now), so take it with a pinch of salt.

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