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Upcoming Nokia Phone with Triple Cameras & No Notch Design Leaked!



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The photos of an unknown Nokia smartphone has surfaced on Chinese social media platform Weibo, as per the latest reports. The two photos that were emerged in Weibo reveals the front and back side of this mysterious phone from Nokia. The photos reveals a large body to screen ratio and a triple camera setup in the rear.

Take a look at the leaked images:

The most notable thing is the absence of a notch in the display. The top bezel is very thin, and it has a screen to body ratio similar to that of Mi Mix 2, along with the thick chin at the bottom. While the front camera in Mi Mix 2 is placed at the bottom chin, we can’t clearly make it out whether this leaked Nokia smartphone has it’s camera placed at the bottom chin since the picture is of low quality.

It is also unclear if the device comes with a pop-up camera as seen in the Vivo Nex, or a slider design as in the Mi Mix 3. The rear triple camera setup is aligned vertically at the middle. From the leaked pictures, there is also no indication of a fingerprint sensor in this device. It is expected that it might be coming with a in-screen fingerprint scanner.

Another notable thing is the absence of the Carl Zeiss marking near the camera lens. As we know, most of the high end models from Nokia sports Karl Zeiss lens. The absence of Zeiss marking indicates that this might not be a premium device.

As for know, there isn’t much information available about the other specification of this leaked Nokia smartphone. We will update once we get hold of further information about this phone.


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