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Nokia Now Commands 1% of Global Smartphone Market (Q4 2017), Reports Counterpoint



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HMD Global had partnered up with Nokia to develop and sell phones branded with the Nokia name. HMD has launched 6 Nokia phones last year, including their Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 powered flagship named Nokia 8.

Nokia has highlighted regular updation to new Android versions, pure Android experience and Build quality in their phones. These features, along with Nokia’s reputation has helped the company to regain their lost market share. They have achieved in selling a humongous 4 million smartphones itself in the Q4 2017.

Nokia has not only launched Android phones, but has also launched a keypad phone named Nokia 3310, based on the old Nokia 3310 which had amazing durability, build quality and were among the old top sellers. The phone is obviously aimed at nostalgia lovers.

The renowned statistics reporter Counterpoint Research has shared information regarding Nokia sales figures with NokiaMob. Counterpoint Research has pointed out that Nokia smartphones have exceeded 1 percent of Global Smartphone shipments in the last Quarter of 2017. Though accurate figures aren’t made available, it is estimated that 4.15 million units were sold in the Q4 2017.

Counterpoint Research was quoted saying to Nokiamob,

“Nokia HMD captured 1 percent market share in Q4 2017 smartphone market. Nokia’s smartphones have been well received in the market making it grow rapidly in recent quarters. The brand’s sentimental value within dealers and customers paired with quality smartphone launches are helping Nokia gain further market share.”

It is true that Nokia’s sentimental value is making smartphones since we would buy it trusting its old quality phones. Nokia has succeeded in establishing a diverse portfolio of phones covering multiple price ranges, from the entry level Nokia 2 to the flagship Nokia 8.

The company’s sales had reached 8.45 million smartphones in the year 2017, of which a good chunk were feature phones. This is a good sign for Nokia since the failure of their Lumia range of smartphones.

Nokia is gearing up to launch the Nokia 7, Nokia 6(2018), and probably their new flagship Nokia 9 this year. Though the company hasn’t given out proper information, some leaks have surfaced the internet. What is your thoughts on Nokia’s current phones ? Discuss in the comment section below.


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