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New leak suggests the Mi 7 (or Mi 8) is indeed coming with FaceID Clone!



mi 7 faceid clone

We’ve seen some reports earlier that Xiaomi‘s next flagship is coming with a FaceID clone, and the phone was reportedly delayed due to issues related to this feature. 

Now, this new leak suggests that the phone is indeed coming with a FaceID clone. Take a look at the image attached below, which shows off the notch assembly of the phone:

You can clearly see the three distinct cameras (or components looking like cameras), one of which is of course the normal selfie shooter, but the other two?

That two might be an arrangement like the one we saw in iPhone X’s FaceID, a dot projector and an infrared camera? Take a look at the iPhone X’s faceID assembly, you’ll get an idea:

Image source: Apple

Now, take a look at what I think these components are:

So yeah, this ain’t just a normal notch, and is the first ever Android phone to sport a notch that is useful (pun intended). The first implementation of a complete FaceID clone in Android.

We’re not sure what they’ll call it, for the time being let’s call it FaceID clone.

The phone is set to be released by this month’s end as the launch event is announced to be on Shenzen, China. So let’s wait till the launch to get more info about the phone and hopefully more leaks.


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