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Mi 6x or Redmi Note 5 Back Panel Leaks with Hands On Image



Here we go again, one more Mi 6x/Mi A2 leak. Now, this one comes from what it looks like the factory that is making the phone. Must be from someone working at the Xiaomi manufacturing plant in China. But there’s more to it if you look closely.

We brought you the latest leak of Mi 6x back cover recently, this one also corresponds to the same design language, an iPhone X style camera arrangement on the back.

Source: Weibo

Here we can see lots of back panels lying around and this one does looks like the real deal as it follows the previous two leaks, but there’s a catch, read on.

Mi 6x, previous leak (Look closely at the bottom & top)

Now, from this one, it is clear that the phone comes with a build similar to that of Redmi Note 4 & Redmi 5 Plus, as we can see the metal build up to a point, and having plastic antenna lines on the top and bottom (it’s a 3 part build). But the previous hands on image we saw of Mi 6x was of a single unibody design (given above).

Redmi note 4 (Check the 3 part build)

This can mean this one might be a totally different device, we have one phone in mind, the Redmi Note 5. Redmi Note 5 is also an upcoming device from Xiaomi, which is nearing it’s release. Going by the design cues, we can safely bet this can be a Redmi device, rather than Mi 6x. This might just be the Redmi Note 5 after all.


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