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MediaTek working on a Cheaper FaceID Alternative for it’s Chipsets!



Chipset manufacturer MediaTek has joined hands with Hima, a popular display drivers manufacturer and Megvi, Developer of Face++ to make a cheaper 3D facial recognition scanner. In a bid to make 3D Face Recognition technology widely available, the company is collaboratively working on an Industry’s First Active Stereo Camera Sensing Reference Design. Many manufacturers are already asking for reference design to implement this tech into their smartphones.

These companies have shared their latest world class technology with each other to make this affordable 3D Face Recognition a reality. It will not only help in unlocking the smartphone but also can be used for payment features even in pitch black light conditions. Further, Artificial Intelligence can be implemented in this technology using ASC 3D face recognition helping in enhancing photos and boosting security measures.

The new technology is built using Megvii’s Face++ AI based computer vision algorithm with Himax’s cutting edge projector, sensor and laser driver. MediaTek has shared its stereo matching depth engine. It includes some high end technologies like Himax’s DOE, WLO Technology, high efficient laser driver IC etc. Elaborating more on the new ASC 3D (Active Stereo Camera), Jordan Wu, President and Chief Executive Officer of Himax Technologies said,

We are pleased to partner with MediaTek and Megvi. This strong alliance ensures that 3D sensing is affordable for Android mass market and can be easily adopted by smartphone makers to create exciting user experience. I believe ASC will facilitate a broader adoption of 3D sensing on Android smartphone during 2019

The new MediaTek’s ASC Face Recognition is expected to debut next year and bring 3D Face recognition to mid-range segment. Some of its features are:

  • Like the iPhone X’s 3D Face recognition feature, it also projects 7000-1000 invisible dot on the face to make a face layout which helps in precision.
  • ASC (3D) uses 940nm band that will increase its overall efficiency in both outdoor and indoor environments.
  • It comes with broken glass detection which means it will shut down if broken glass is found on the projector.
  • ASC (3D) follows IEC 60825 Class 1 standard, which means it is purely safe for the eye.
  • It is cheaper than traditional lightning more and also power efficient.


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