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LG to rebrand G-Series, G7 to be released with new name



lg rebrand g series

In a latest set of events, LG has confirmed that they are rebranding G-Series, and no more devices will be launched with the G moniker. The LG spokesperson also confirmed that” a two  digit number ” is under consideration for the new range of flagship devices. The move comes as a result of getting overshadowed by Samsung and Apple.

The move is seen as a step towards LG’s attempt to compete with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 and recenly launched Apple iPhone X. Things have been going south for LG in the smartphone market with its South Korean counterpart Samsung taking major market shares, leading LG to take more steps to regain the lost market share.

It is expected that the rebranding will come to effect in the First Half of the year, beginning with LG G7. Its now clear that G7 will be getting a new name.

As mentioned above, LG’s smartphone sales is going down, even though the company is trying to set foot strong by launching new models, such as V30 and G6. But sadly, it hasn’t reflected in the sales. LG is trying all means to revamp its smartphone business recently, and the recent appointment of a new CEO, is seen as a part of the strategy change that is on the way.

Its thought that LG’s aim is to start a new line of flagship devices with a new name, to compete with Apple and Samsung. The changed strategy and outlook by the tech giant is expected to be followed by a new range of  flagship devices, which will boost sales and help the company to regain its lost pride.

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