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LG G7 Front Panel Leaked Online, Confirms the Previous Leaks Again!




Let’s admit it. Notches have become so much of a trend that every new smartphone seems to have it. The notch is ugly to many, but that isn’t preventing brands from using it. We received news last year that LG was making a new smartphone completely out of scratch. Named Judy, the smartphone’s renders have been leaked online. Now we have got the images of the front panel which belongs to the device.

Showing off a notch, the front panel seems to be a lookalike to the previous renders we got. As we can see, there’s an earpiece on the far right, accompanied by a camera on the center. To the left of the camera might be the obvious proximity sensor. The left side might house some essential security feature, like an iris scanner for instance. Or it might be a dual camera setup.

Huawei already has given a feature to hide the notch in the P20 series. This was because of a massive protest by Android fans. We don’t know now if LG will do the same. The LG G7 seems to also have a ‘chin’ as seen on the OnePlus 6. As the OnePlus CEO said, the chin might be to drive the display or enhance aesthetics.

As we know already, the LG G7 will feature an MCLD+ display, and not an OLED display. LG might have made this move because of the OLED failure on Google Pixel 2 XL. The screen will be a 6 inch one with a bezel-less design. The dimensions of the smartphone are 153.2 × 71.9 × 8.2mm. The rear part also houses a 16 megapixel dual camera setup. Below the dual cameras is the fingerprint scanner which could double as the home button.

Like seen on the latest flagships, the LG G7 will also feature a Snapdragon 845 SoC. The processor will come coupled with 6GB of RAM and 256 GB of Storage. LG is expected to launch this smartphone before May for nearly 6000 Yuan, which is about 60,000 rupees.

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