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‘iPhone XC’ & ‘iPhone XS Plus’ to be a part of Apple’s 2018 iPhone Lineup



The next-gen iPhone lineup is going to be a big thing for Apple enthusiasts. Although the launch is scheduled for 12th of September, we already have been witnessing quite a lot of leaks for a while and now, a freshly leaked image shows the nomenclature of the upcoming 2018 iPhones.

The image leaked on Weibo shows off an alleged slide from an internal Chinese mobile carrier presentation that throws light at the Apple’s naming norms for the upcoming iPhone lineup along with suspected pricing information.

The slide reveals the larger version of iPhone with 6.5-inch OLED display to be the “iPhone XS Plus”, followed by the middle man “iPhone XS”, while the most affordable of all i.e. the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is mentioned as “iPhone XC”. This contradicts the previously reported “iPhone XS Max” tag for the larger iPhone.

As far as the pricing is concerned, the “iPhone XS” is tagged at 7388 yuan ($1079), the “iPhone XS Plus” at 8388 yuan ($1225), and the cheapest LCD “iPhone XC” at 5888 yuan ($860).

If we ignore the 17% Chinese sales tax which was included in the pricing above, the “iPhone XC”, “iPhone XS”, and the “iPhone XS Plus” price comes down to $700, $1015, and $900, respectively.

Moreover, the slide also claims the dual-sim models of the “iPhone XS” and “iPhone XS Plus” to come sometime later after the launch of the single-sim variants. Following the same, a previous leak hinted for the dual sim tray on the iPhone 9 as well so, in a word, all the three upcoming iPhones may come in dual-sim variants.

Moreover, another previous leak suggested that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will be arriving as the iPhone 9 in three color options including red, blue and white while the iPhone XS and XS Max or the alleged XS Plus are speculated to be available in gold, white and black variants. We might also see other color editions for the latter two couple of months after the launch.

Given that the official launch event is just three days away, let us wait for the announcement to reveal what Apple was exactly planning to do since long time. Till then, stay tuned.

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