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Huawei’s Foldable Phone to be Called Huawei Mate X, Suggests Leaked Poster!



Huawei is in the final round of preparations for the unveiling of its foldable smartphone which is expected to take place at MWC just a few hours after from now. Foldable phones are now gradually evolving to exist and be consumer ready to be sold in the markets. Brands like Samsung and Xiaomi are also working on their own implementation of the foldable phone.

The brand has already announced its plans to bring the foldable phone to the MWC 2019 which will be held in Barcelona. A leaked poster has revealed the name of this upcoming Huawei foldable phone. According to the leak, the device will be called Huawei Mate X.

The device appears to fold outwards unlike the mechanism seen on the Galaxy Fold which was announced a few days back. When folded, there will be screens on both the sides which combine to form one screen when unfolded to tablet mode.

The poster also states “World’s Fastest Foldable 5G Phone” which confirms the presence of 5G connectivity on this device. There is no other information regarding the specifications of the Mate X but multiple cameras are expected to be featured just like the Galaxy Fold so that the user does not miss out on cameras when using the device on normal mode.

In terms of pricing, we can’t expect it to be cheap as it is bleeding-edge tech and it has undergone a lot of research and development by the brand to come up with an effective design to be used by the consumers. The Galaxy Fold is priced at $1980 which roughly translates to about Rs. 1.4 lakhs.

The pricing will play an important role as most of the users would not prefer to buy a prototype stage device paying a ton of money. We’ll get to know and update the exact specifications, pricing, and availability as soon as Huawei unveils it on the event. Stay tuned.


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