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Huawei confirms their own New OS is Under Development!



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Earlier this year, the US government put a trade ban on the Huawei limiting the sales in that region. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer already saw a broken deal with AT&T after lawmakers raised concerns over it. Though the company has denied any accusations of espionage the threat will still looms over it.

Being a top manufacturer, Huawei would like to decrease its dependencies on other large companies like Google. It already have its own Kirin series of processors and now according to reports, the company is developing its own operating system that can replace Android at some point. Though the news has previously surfaced in the past, it is confirmed by Vice President of Mobile Products of Huawei this time. However, it will miss out the variety of apps provided by the Google Play store unless the operating system is compatible with Google Play store apps.

Google itself is developing a new operating system called Fuchsia OS that it plans to replace Android someday with. Huawei engineers made a change last week confirming that the new Fuchsia operating system is being tested on Huawei’s Honor Play smartphone. They also added support for the AI supported Kirin 970 to Fuchsia and have been successful to boot it over the Honor Play. It is expected that other devices like Huawei Mate series will be compatible with this new OS in the future.

According to reports, Google is still a few years away before Fuchsia is ready for the commercial market and replace Android, on which almost every smartphone except the Apple devices are relied on. The operating system has been tested on beyond handheld devices like Pixelbook. A common operating system has been a dream for years  and it looks like Fuschia may make it true.


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