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HOMTOM to Make its Debut In India with 5 Smartphones



Chinese smartphone maker HOMTOM has finally made its debut in India, launching five smartphones starting at Rs. 8,000. At the launch the company revealed that it will make the phones in India and in a press statement, Gary Zhang, CEO, HOMTOM said, “Since inception, we have expanded our business in more than 200 countries and regions and made our presence felt across varied geographies like South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America.”

The company started in 2013, and now it provides ODM services to various smartphone companies. The name HOMTOM is derived from “Heng Tong”, which conveys rich brand wisdom. In Chinese, “heng” means eternal, “tong” means mastery. HOMTOM (Heng Tong) implicates the continuously changing and innovative ways to explore the eternal truth. This is what the company says about the name.

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HOMOTOM CEO, Gary Zhang also mentioned that as India is the second largest smartphone market after China, he is willing to enter the market with a vision of  ‘smarterphone for smarter India’. So, as of now, the company will strictly focus on bringing mid-range phones to the Indian consumers. However, the company did not reveal all their plans for India yet, however, some good smartphones are being expected by those who keep an eye on a lot of innovative companies and brands, as being an R&D company, HOMTOM holds more than 100 patents globally.

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