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H2O APN Settings for 2022



h2o wireless apn settings

H2O Wireless is one of the top 5 MVNOs operating in the United States.

Sometimes, you might notice that in your phone with H2O wireless connection, data is not working, and more over calls and texts might also not be working, even though the mobile data toggle switch is on.

This might be caused by wrong H2O APN settings in your phone, or even no H2O wireless APN settings installed on your phone. You can fix these issues by manually entering the correct APN settings for H2O wireless. Let us help you with that on this page!

H2O APN Settings

Android iPhone

H2O APN settings are to be entered slightly differently in Android to that of iPhone, so we are listing both of them separately.

H2O APN Settings for Android

Let us check how to change H2O APN settings in your Android phone:

  1. Open the “Settings” menu in your Android phone.
  2. Select “Connections” option from settings.
  3. Now select “Mobile Networks” from this page.
  4. Inside this menu, select “APN” or “Access Point Names”.
  5. Now on this page, on the top right corner, you will see an option called “Add”, select it.
  6. Here, enter the details given below:
Proxy(leave blank)
Port(leave blank)
Username(leave blank)
Password(leave blank)
Server(leave blank)
MMSC(leave blank)
Multimedia message proxy(leave blank)
Multimedia message port(leave blank)
MCC(leave blank)
MNC(leave blank)
Authentication Type310
APN Type410
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocolIPv4

7. Now click on the “Save” button on the top right corner of this page after entering all the details.
8. Now enable the mobile data on your phone.
9. Reboot your phone.

H2O APN Settings for iPhone

Let us check the H2O APN settings for iPhone:

  1. Go to “Settings” app.
  2. Now select “Cellular” from the menu.
  3. On the next page, select “Cellular Data Network”.
  4. Enter the APN settings given below for H2O wireless as given below:


Username(leave blank)
Password(leave blank)
MMSC(leave blank)
MMS Proxy(leave blank)
MMS Max Message Size1048576

LTE Setup (optional)

APN(leave blank)
Username(leave blank)
Password(leave blank)
NOTE: You can also configure H2O APN settings online by requesting configurations from their website. Click here for that.

What are APN Settings?

APN or Access Point Name, is required by your phone to connect to your carrier’s network.

APN settings are generally installed on your phone automatically after you put in a new SIM card. But sometimes, it might not get installed when you install a new SIM to your phone, and that might cause issues such as data connectivity, calls dropping, and texts not going through. That’s when you have to manually configure APN settings on your phone.

About H2O Wireless

H2O Wireless is an MVNO network using AT&T network in the US. They have been around since 2005 in the United States and is among the most popular MVNOs in the country now.

H2O Wireless plans start from $18 a month ($20 without AutoPay), and go up to $54 a month ($60 without AutoPay).

H2O Wireless is often referred to as H20 Wireless, but it is actually H2O and not H20. H2O is the chemical name of water, from which they derived their name.

Conclusion: H2O APN Settings

If you have changed the H2O APN settings to the ones we have mentioned above in this page, your issues would’ve been solved. But if you’re still having issues such as data not working, text not working or calls not working, H2O wireless currently doesn’t support your phone or you are having a bad SIM card and you have to replace the SIM card by requesting it from H2O wireless.

Also check if you have correctly entered the H2O APN settings without any formatting errors or spelling mistakes, it is important.

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