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Google and Tencent of China agrees to Share Patents



google tencent

In the time of heavy competition on the tech market, a pretty strange news has just come out. Two rivals of the tech industry the search engine giant Google and the Chinese company Tencent Holdings Ltd are joining hands now. They have already signed the alliance and will share patents and work together to bring in more technologies too.

The alliance is worth $500 million and will result in the exchange of many patents owned by both companies. Apart from the patent exchange, the industry can also see technologies and products coming out from the collaboration of the companies. This is a happy news for all users as they can expect a lot of new technologies and products on the market.

Reports suggest that this will be very much helpful mainly for the users from China. Most of the Google products are banned in China, which also includes the world famous Google search Engine. You can expect Google from getting back to China as the result of the collaboration with the Chinese company Tencent. This is a benefit for both the companies and of course the users as well.

Mike Lee, Head of Patents of Google had the following statement to say about this:

“By working together on agreements such as this, tech companies can focus on building better products and services for their users”

Although Google has withdrawn the search engine services in China back in 2010 itself, the search Engine giants seem to have plans to get back to China too. The alliance with Tencent is seen as a part of this move from Google. Other investments have also done by Google which includes the AI lab started by Google in Beijing.

They have also shared a lot of AI tolls and invested in a streaming service named as Chushou. Tencent being the owner of one of the most popular messaging app used in China, Wechat an also a top name in the Gaming industry the alliance of Google with this company will surely ease Google’s coming back to China.

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