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Google Open Sources an AI tool That Can Take Portrait Pictures Like Pixel 2



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Since the time Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL has launched, everyone is talking about the camera of both of these devices, even the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ can’t match Pixel 2 in many areas. Also, there are lots of people who want know what is the secret behind the AI powered portrait mode. Well, the secrets are no more hidden, the tech giant has finally decided to make one of the camera secret an open source project.

The search engine giant has released the source code for the DeepLab-v3+ technology. This is an AI-based image segmentation technology which is kind of similar to that which helps the Pixel 2 phones to get that impressive portrait mode. The technology uses a neural network which helps the technology to detect the outlines of the foreground objects. Hence, as a result, the technology classify the main object that you would like to capture and ignores the rest of the elements which does not matter at all.

However, the release of the source code of the technology does not make sure that all camera apps will be able to achieve Google Pixel 2 like portrait mode. However, it does the job pretty well and at the same time it opens up the possibility. Also, according to Google, the phones are not the main point here. According to them, they are hoping to see that academics and industry figures both will adopt the technology and improve it in the future.

Google Deeplab v3

Google Deeplab v3 algorithmic representation

Google researchers also mentioned that the technology can be used for object detection and so many other things where spotting something is necessary. One more thing, this is not the exact same tech used in Pixel 2, but it’s similar and comes close.

So let’s just see in the future that how smartphone makers, as well as other tech farms, use the technology to make something innovative. However as Google has not revealed the main technology behind the Pixel 2 devices, so it is pretty obvious that no other smartphone maker will be able to launch the same thing in the near future.

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