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Google Might be Working on an India Bound Mid-Range Pixel Device!



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It appears that major smartphone brands are all striving to establish dominance in India. With the arrival of major Chinese companies and Huawei planning to launch the P20 Pro, Google seems to be doing the same. As per the Economic Times, Google is planning to launch a mid-range device, that is targeted to Indian market!

Right now the likes of Redmi Note 5 Pro and Honor View 10 are dominating the mid-range market. Since the extinction of the Nexus range, Google has failed to launch any affordable device. This might be a move to increase Google’s market share in the mid-range smartphone market. Since there’s huge mid-range smartphone sales in India, Google’s move seems sensible.

This would enable stock Android to reach the mid-range market. The newcoming phone is expected to come under Android One. Moreover, it might feature Android 9.0 out of the box. However, we don’t actually know much more details.

The mid-range Pixel device might sport the Snapdragon 636 as seen on the Redmi Note 5 Pro, or even the Snapdragon 660 as on the Nokia 7 Plus. Google might decide to keep up with the trends and equip the new phone with a 700-series processor. The new series, as Qualcomm says, has advanced AI features.

Google is not only focusing on it’s smartphone business in India. The company is also planning to launch some smart speakers- The Google Home and Home Mini. The duo will be powered by Google Assistant and will support about 10 regional languages including Hindi.

The reports suggests that the new phone will be launched around July or August. This might mean that Google won’t be using a Snapdragon 700 series SoC. Of course, we don’t know exactly. Qualcomm might begin the supply early enough.

Furthermore, Google will be launching a lot of Home automation products. This will include appliances like Burglar-proof alarm system, smoke detectors and Google WiFi. Well,  let’s hang on for the new launches!


Obsessed with technology since a young age, Devdatt is an avid techie and an Android fan. He has a sweet tooth for Moto and Stock UI, and has used almost all Moto phones released yet. Moreover, Devdatt is the youngest member of Onphones. He simply loves sarcasm and dank memes. Gotta say, he’s the fun-maker in our team and keeps the situation lively.

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