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Google Merges Android Pay & Google Wallet and Renames them to Google Pay



Google Pay

Google has announced today that its combining all their payment services including Android Pay and Google Wallet into a single service called Google Pay. The move comes as an attempt by the internet giant to unify their over diversified payment solutions, and increase customers, by making it simple.

With the new service, the Google Pay, payment information saved in your Google account can be used wherever we use a Google product. It works along with Google Chrome and will be able to fill in payment details also. The Google Pay can be used for purchases made through Chrome, in YouTube for buying movies and renewing subscriptions, for Android in-app purchases and Google Playstore. It can also be used at retail outlets with NFC payments.

Google Pay

The increasing popularity of Apple Pay, the main rival of Google Pay is thought to be the main reason behind unification of payment services by Google. With the latest changes, the Googles payment service looks much more simple and straight forward for the average customer.

In the past, Google had a difficult journey with digtial payment services, which is growing popular all around the world. Just like their chat and messaging apps, the saturated their own market by launching several apps which offered the same functionalities, but with some limitations on each. It seems that Google has now learned their lessons.

The Google Pay will benefit both the customers and Google itself, since users will be having an all in one payment solution, reducing the headache for maintaining several payment apps. This in turn will be reflected in Google’s revenue from their paid services.

According to Google, the service is already available on Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, Instacart, Airbnb and several other apps. More apps are expected to support Google Pay in near future.

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