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Google Has Removed more than 700,000 Apps from Google Play Store in 2017



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According to a new blog post on the Android Developers stated that the search engine giant has eliminated more than 700,000 apps from the Google Play store.

The blog post mentioned that in 2017, Google took an strong action against the apps that have had violated Google Play Store. Also, the number of the apps which has been taken down is 70% higher than 2016. The blog post further added that “In fact, 99% of apps with abusive contents were identified and rejected before anyone could install them.” Google used some machine learning technologies to detect apps with inappropriate contents, abusive apps and the apps which did violate Google Policies.

Apart from the apps, Google has also taken down more than 100,000 bad app developers in 2017. Thanks to Google’s new detection models which have helped the company to figure out about it. The technology also made sure that the bad developers won’t be able to create a new developer account, and just in case if they do then it would be tough for them to publish another set of bad apps.

However, along with this data, Google also have shared a few example of bad apps. That includes these following points:


At first, they have shared copycats example. Well, this example is simply targeted towards such developer who creates a fake version of the popular apps. Also, it is one of the most common violations. As you are already aware that famous apps get lot of traffic, hence, as a result, the bad developers try to steal that traffic. However, from now, Google is no more interested in allowing such violations.

Inappropriate content

Inappropriate content is also a common issue. In this case, most of the developers promote Inappropriate contents such as pornography, hate, illegal activities and so on through their apps. However, after the launch of the new machine learning model, Google have taken down such apps and will take down in future as well.

Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs)

PHAs are a type of malware that can harm our android devices. For example, the apps that perform SMS fraud, act as trojans, or phishing user’s information and so on. However, after Google has launched their Play Protect in 2017 the issue has been solved in a really great way.

In the end, we do think that whatever Google did, it was highly necessary for the Android users. Hope we are going to see the Google Play store without bad apps soon.


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