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Google Completes $1.1 Billion Dollar Acquisition Deal with HTC



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HTC is one of the reputed smartphone makers in the market, with excellent devices. The smartphone maker had seen a decline in sales, but is growing again considerably well.

Google has a mighty reputation of buying companies, notably Motorola, and selling them off. We have seen many reports stating that Google is planning to buy HTC’s smartphone division for a good amount of money. It seems that they were all true. Google has indeed signed a billion dollar deal, $1.1 Billion to be exact, for acquiring part of the smartphone giant.

Google is planning to employ 2000 of HTC’s engineers for the development of the future Google Pixel devices (they’re already working for the Pixel devices currently anyways). Like they did for Motorola, they have a right to the intellectual properties of HTC, which means that they will have free access to HTC’s multiple patents. Moreover, Google wouldn’t need help for outsourcing their pixel devices.

Even though HTC’s smartphone sales have declined, they have achieved breakthroughs in their Virtual Reality or VR segment. Google might decide to use the former’s Virtual Reality technology the power the upcoming Pixel smartphones. Additionally, acquiring HTC might help in further advancing their AI technology, as one of the company’s primary focuses has been on Artificial Intelligence.

It has been reported that the tech team from HTC will be staying in Google’s biggest centres: Taiwan and Taipei. The upcoming devices could be manufactured in Taiwan and there is the chance that Google will supervise the Hardware segment of the devices too, even though the company has been always known as a software giant.

Let’s just wait for the upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones and hope that they prove to be excellent devices as Google produced them to date. Do let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comment section below.


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