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Flipkart confirms Xiaomi’s Feb 14th Launch is Redmi Note 5 on YouTube



Redmi Note 5

Xiaomi and Flipkart has been teasing their next phone release with #GiveMe5 campaign. Now, Flipkart has uploaded a video named “Redmi Note 5“, take a look:

Now, it seems like they’re made a mistake of naming the Youtube video Redmi Note 5 instead of some title that’s supposed to be a tease.

Xiaomi has been teasing the phone and has been tight lipped about what the launch is for sometime now. This seems like a honest mistake from Flipkart’s side and let’s wait till February 14th for more info!

UPDATE: Flipkart has now changed the name of the video to Indian’s All rounder. Don’t worry, we’ve a screenshot of the old name below:

UPDATE 2: Flipkart has deleted the video now!

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