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Comio to Shut Down Indian Operations Abruptly!



While Chinese manufacturers like Honor, OPPO and Vivo are excelling in all segments in the Indian market certain Chinese manufactures are leaving it. Comio, a Chinese brand backed by TopWise Communication entered India last year in May and aimed to sell about a million units of Comio branded smartphone by March 2018.

However it failed to reach the original target due to its issues with its Chinese promoters. Comio India CEO and director Sanjay Kalirona has intimated the government authorities and its local partners about its hardship it is facing due to the lack of support from its Chinese promoters.

Karolina further says in a email to Gadgets360:

In this journey, it is our bad luck that our parent Chinese company could not give us right products at right time as per market requirements .Worst part has been quality issues faced by us in most of our models and Chinese company did not learn from there mistakes and kept repeating same and [the] conclusion is most of [the] partners, retailers, consumers started losing confidence on the brand. In the current situation, it is very difficult to sustain if as a company we cannot make competitive product so we lost here completely. Chinese promoters also not supported us with enough capital investment to sustain in this competitive market condition

Due to its lack of support from the Chinese promoters and some personal reason, Kalirona announced in the email that he had stepped down from his position from Board of the Company though he continued to work as CEO. He further decided with the Chinese management to close the company’s operations and plans to settle all ending issues, including the payments of creditor’s liabilities by the end of October and clear all statutory liabilities in the next three to four months, eventually closing Comio’s operations in “amicable and peaceful manner”. However, the after sales service will continue for another one year.

He mentioned that the Chinese team members left abruptly in the first week of this month and asked the Indian team to shut down its operations immediately. Kalirona goes on to say that the Chinese team stopped giving satisfactory answers about settling pending issues and as a result that his team is forced to file a police complaint and inform the government regulatory authorities about the present situation of the company.

The executive who previously led the mobile business of Zen Mobile and Intex Technologies prior to joining Comio says:

I am trying my level best in my best possible capacity to support all channel partners and team to get their dues cleared. I have given one-time price support to all partners to liquidate their stocks. We also cleared all schemes and pay out of distributors till October 2018. We also billed stock to all partners against their credit balance in appearing in our books. Even in this situation, we are running 400 TCSA to help partners to liquidate their stocks. We are smoothly running after sales services and clearing all DOA of partners

Kalirona also says that while few partners are presently chasing the Casio Indian employees to take back the stocks or provide additional support, all the employees are under “tremendous pressure” due to the Chinese authorities asking them to leave their job and giving no clarity on the settlement of dues. Few of the employees including the Head of Corporate Communication of Comio India recently quit. 

He remarked

In this tough time, Comio India expects some support and patience from its partners. However I can assure you that Comio India team is still behind all of you for supporting to resolve your day to day issues and I am managing all backend operations to support you all. In terms of price support and scheme support, I have already done my best possible efforts to support the partners

He further ensured that he will continue until the Chinese promoters of the company come to India and take the charge of Comio India or the government bodies to intervene in the ongoing issues.


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