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Best AirPods Clones for 2021!

best airpods clones

In search of an AirPods clone or something that looks like an Apple AirPod? You’re in the right place! Here in this page we list out the best AirPods clones to buy from AliExpress and Amazon!

We will talk first about cheap AirPods clones, most of which are priced under $20! And most of these come with design reminiscent of the real AirPods. We know other sites you may have seen by searching suggested you to get other true wireless earphones, which absolutely does not look like AirPods. That’s why we are addressing that first, we are going to talk about 1:1 AirPods clones first!

Best AirPods Clones

Best Features

i9000 TWS Pro 3

  • In ear detection
  • Auto connection
  • Wireless charging
Best Value

i9000 Pro

  • Auto connection
  • 1:1 clone
  • No wireless charging
Good Value

VOXLINK Original Pro TWS

  • Auto connection
  • 1:1 Copy
  • No wireless charging

i9000 TWS Pro 3

i9000 tws pro 3

If you’re getting an AirPod clone, get the best out of the bunch!

The i9000 TWS Pro 3 is probably the most feature rich fake AirPods in this list. It is feature packed and comes with many features that would mimic the features of the real Apple AirPods. With i9000 TWS Pro 3, you get a 1:1 design copy, which means that this earphone will be a true clone of the real thing and it resembles the size and shape of the real AirPods. No one would be suspecting that you are using a fake AirPod.

It doesn’t just look the part, it does the job too. It comes with in ear detection, which means the music will stop if you take one out of your ears. It also supports auto connection when you take it out of the box. And yes, it comes with touch controls and not buttons like some cheap fake AirPods. It even comes with wireless charging and can comes with a case that looks like a real AirPods case. It only comes in white color like AirPods.

What’s more to ask from an AirPods clone? Get it right now from AliExpress for $15!


i9000 Pro

i9000 Pro

i9000 Pro is yet another TWS from i9000 line. This one is even cheaper AirPods replica, which is a 1:1 clone and comes with some extra features than just looking like an AirPods.

It comes with touch control, automatic connection and disconnection when taken in and out of the box. It does not come with wireless charging or in ear wear detection. It also comes with two different colors, White and Black.

Want an AirPod clone in the budget of $5? Get this one!


VOXLINK Original Pro TWS

VOXLINK Original Pro TWS

VOXLINK Original Pro TWS is another cheap 1:1 AirPods clone. This one does not support in ear detection like the i9000 TWS Pro 3, but it is $10 cheaper that the former.

It comes with touch controls like the original AirPods, which supports even option to call Siri by touching the earphones. It does come with some LED lights on case and earpieces, so that’s something you need to consider.

Want a good AirPods clone, but doesn’t want to spend $15, you can get VOXLINK Original Pro TWS for $5 now!


Airpodding Pro4

Airpodding Pro4

It’s not a pudding, it is Airpodding!

Yeah, that was a bad joke, I admit.

Airpodding Pro4 is an AirPods clone which almost looks like an AirPod, but has a few design elements to make it stand out. So you’re not getting a 1:1 clone. But it comes with many features such as touch controls, even with support for volume up and volume down controls. It also supports connecting and disconnecting by opening and closing the case. It does support fast charging but it does not support wireless charging. It is available in white and black colors.

Want an AirPods clone for under $10, you can get this!


Airpodding Mini Pro 4

Airpodding Mini Pro 4

Airpodding Pro4 we saw before has a mini version, but it costs a little more and comes with more features.

It comes with all the features of Airpodding Pro4, such as touch controls, support for volume control, support for case opening and closing connection, and more. But it also supports Qi wireless charging.

So if you want an Airpod fake with Qi wireless charging for $13, you can get this one.


i7s TWS

i7s TWS

If you want a really cheap AirPod clone, just get this one!

It lacks many of the basic features of a true wireless earphone, even for a clone AirPods. It is so basic that it has button controls instead of touch controls.

Only get this one if you’re so tight in budget, don’t get this for showing it off as a clone. As this one comes with lots of lights and that can be quite disappointing, and at this price you can already expect the average build quality.

Want a clone Apple AirPod for $1.31? Just get this one.

You can watch my video about i7s on our YouTube channel (please bear in mind I would be talking in my language and not in English):

Best Airpods Clone on Amazon

You can also get AirPods clones from Amazon!

But we would suggest you to get the clones from AliExpress as the ones in Amazon is usually priced much more than the same ones in AliExpress. But you do get them shipped to you early on Amazon though.

Here are the available AirPods clones on Amazon:

That’s all. That’s the only 1:1 clone of AirPods I could find. And even i7s TWS isn’t that good for that pricing. Just get these stuff from AliExpress I’d say.

AirPods vs Fake AirPods: Differences!

So how do you differentiate between a real AirPods and fake AirPods? Let’s talk about the differences.

  • Size: Most of the cheap AirPods clones are bigger in size. Some of them are quite comparable in size with AirPods, but most of the clones come with much bigger size, be sure to get weird gazes if you use the clones that are bigger in size.
  • Lights: The clone AirPods comes with lights on the case and the earbuds, the original AirPods doesn’t come with one. The lights could be very well be distracting in the first time use, but it lights up only for a some seconds after taking the earbuds from the case.
  • No Quick Pairing: As expected, you won’t find quick pairing on the clones. One of the distinguishing feature of Apple AirPods is that it comes with Quick Pairing, which makes the earbuds connect to your phone seamlessly.
  • Buttons: Original AirPods comes with touch controls on each earbuds. But these cheap AirPod clones does not come with touch controls, instead they come with buttons for controls.
  • No Lightning port: As you know, Lightning ports are Apple’s proprietary charging port. As it’s a replica product, AirPods clones will not come with lightning port, instead it will come with a normal microUSB port.
  • Sound Quality: Do I need to talk about sound quality at all? AirPods comes with great sound quality, that AirPod clones lack.

Why Buy Fake AirPods?

The main reason to get a fake AirPods rather than the real ones is the heavy price of AirPods. If you don’t have the budget to get the real AirPods, you can get the cheap clones from AliExpress (a Chinese ecommerce website). You can find many AirPod clones in AliExpress, but there are many many varieties of them, that’s why we have chosen the best fake AirPods for you.

Ordering from AliExpress is easy as Amazon, as they accept all payments. But there is a small issue, your product will be arriving a little late as compared to Amazon or Walmart. As it has to come from China, and it would normally take somewhere around 1-2 weeks normally.

Should You buy an AirPods Clone?

If you ask me, don’t.

Get better alternatives which comes in similar price range, rather than going for a clone of something.

We have some suggestions too! Check out these products instead:


Image Product Feature Price
Looks Like AirPods

OnePlus Buds


One of the best alternatives for an AirPods clone. It comes with great audio quality and build quality! Check On Amazon
Best Sound Quality

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2


If you want great audio on budget, look no further! Check On Amazon
Cheap Pricing

Mpow MBits S


If you don’t want to spend more than $30, this is the TWS you have to get! Check On Amazon

As you have seen the above three products, even if they don’t quite resemble the real AirPods, they offer much more features and offer better quality audio. There’s no real reason to get a sub-par quality fake AirPods when you can get better products from various other brands.

Of course, we are not going to tell you to don’t buy a clone AirPod, as you’re here to find clones. But we are suggesting you that don’t just go for the “AirPods” look, go for better products that quite don’t look like an AirPods yet do a great job at serving the purpose.

Conclusion: Best AirPods Clones

As you can see, there are some AirPods clones in the market which can give you a good experience while looking exactly like an AirPod, but there are much better products in the markets which does not really resemble an AirPod but could give you an even better experience. I hope we have been able to solve your confusion about the best AirPods clones. Happy shopping!