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Apple under US Government Scanner over Slowing down of iPhone



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All is not going well for smartphone manufacturers around the world, and this time it seems like its Apple’s chance. According to the reports US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are said to be investigating Apple over the slowdown of its older iPhone models without the consent of users. While the tech giant has clarified themselves by stating that the slowing down is done to improve performance in old devices, a majority of the customers haven’t given ear to Apple’s claims.

Now it looks like the US govt is also not pleased with the Apple’s unethical action, which ended up making many iPhones unusable owing to serious degradation in performance. The story first surfaced on Reddit, by a users who discovered that the latest updates has caused their iPhones to slow down. It was later discovered that¬† iPhone 6, 6S, SE, and 7 are effected. While Apple did not respond on the news at the beginning, later they owned- up to reducing the performance, but justified it by saying it was done to prevent unwanted device shutdowns due to ageing batteries.

But medias and users all around accused that it was done inorder to make the old devces obsolete and force users to buy new models. Apple later came forward by offering replacement batteries at discounted price to counter the turmoil. While people was beginning to forget it, US govt has started investigations on the issue to check whether Apple broke security laws by failing to notify users of the performance throttling.

Similar investigations are also going on in France and Italy, putting the company in a defensive position. Apple denies accusations of intentionally throttling the performance to force the users buy new models, and has extended the discount for new battery outside warranty throughout 2018.


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