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Apple to Allow Users to Turn Off "Slowdown Feature" from Next iOS Update



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Apple made a decision to slow down the iPhone models with older batteries to avoid random reboots. Apple thought that this would help the users but it turned to be the total opposite of it. The users did not like this feature of intentionally slowing down the phones. To enhance the user experience, the company released a battery replacement program as the idea didn’t go down well with the masses.

After this update also, people didn’t like the idea of spending their hard earned cash on battery replacement, for just getting their phone’s performance back to normal. But, no more worries as there’s a good news for the frustrated customers. Recently, in an interview with ABC News, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, confirmed that in the next iOS Update, users will have the option to disable the Slowdown feature introduced by Apple. In the interview, Tim Cook said: “If you don’t want it, you can turn it off“. Though, he also suggests that people should not take the advantage of this new update and turn off the Slowdown feature.

The users will not only be able to disable the feature but at the same time will be able to view and analyze the battery health of their phone also. Here’s an extract from the interview :

“We will tell somebody we’re slightly reducing, or we’re reducing your performance by some amount in order to not have an unexpected restart. If you don’t want it? You can turn it off. Now, we don’t recommend it, because we think people’s iPhones are really important to them, and you never can tell when something is so urgent”.

You can view the full interview here:

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Tim Cook also clarified that they had informed the users in advance about the new change that will slow down the iPhone performance as they had older batteries so they can prevent unexpected shutdowns. But, it looks like that people didn’t pay much attention to it.

He also made a point that Apple should have been clearer in explaining the goal to people behind introducing the intentionally Slowdown feature for older iPhone models.

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