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Alleged Leaked Live images reveals Punch hole camera in Google Pixel 4



Just a day after the alleged CAD renders of Google Pixel 4 was leaked online, a newly leaked live image, which claims to be of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 has surfaced. The newly surfaced image is completely contrary to the previous leak but is in line with the earlier leaks that came before that one.

According to the latest image, which is believed to be of the Pixel 4 XL, it has a punch hole camera design in the front.

The real shape of the smartphone is partially hidden by a protective covering in the leaked images. However, it reveals the display and the front camera design. The punch hole camera design in the Pixel 4 is similar to that seen in the Samsung Galaxy S10, in the upper right corner. While it is not clear whether it has bezels or not, the frame on all four sides has the same thickness. The images also reveal that it will be possible to hide the punch hole by turning off the upper part of the display.

Apart from this, it is speculated that the upcoming Pixel 4 will see an implementation of Google’s Project Soli, which was announced back in 2015. By analyzing the code of Android Q, XDA members have discovered that Google is working on a new gesture for multimedia reproduction which might require a new “aware” sensor for detecting the presence of the user. Now, Project Soli is based on a radar chip which appears to be the ideal solution for implementing this new gesture.

It is also expected that the Pixel 4 will have a feature in android Q which was hidden to all other devices till now, an option to enable automatic white balance. This new feature requires a new sensor capable of detecting colors. Along with this, it is also speculated that the Pixel 4 will be having 3D face unlock technology. Since the expected release date of the Pixel 4 is nowhere near soon, we will have to wait further to know more about this flagship.


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