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OnPhones is blog exclusively about phones and phone news from India. We aim to report each and every latest news, on time in an unbiased, truthful and most passionate way. We want to become the go-to destination of you to know about the latest happenings in the world of smartphones. We hope we live up to your expectations every single day, and we will continue to strive to keep up with expectations every single day!

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The Man Behind OnPhones




He started this blog! He is a passionate blogger & a tech enthusiast. He started his journey in blogging in 2014, but has been forever an enthusiast in Tech. His whole life revolves around tech. You can catch him on Facebook on various Tech & Android groups and some times on Twitter & Quora.




Behind the Logo!

Design Idea
Did you spot an old school phone with an antenna on our logo?

If you did, you got the idea behind the logo.

Also, did you catch the O & N on the logo? If you didn’t try looking a little closer!